• Life can be better
    All Chest Pain Is NOT Heart Attack.
    iMMi Life helps quickly and reliably identify
    those who need immediate attention...
    and help save lives.
  • Life can be better
    Amazingly simple Ecosystem

What We Do

iMMi Life connects patients at clinics with cardiologists via mobile networks to advise on ECGs in order to speed up diagnosis and reduce deaths caused by heart attacks.

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Who We Are

iMMi Life has a team of specialists in healthcare and service sectors that's deeply committed to the goal of saving life and democratizing heart health care.

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Culture Code

We strive to deliver a transparent, collaborative, exceptional experience in providing emergency assistance to help solve imminent heart problems at affordable rates

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Why iMMi?

iMMi life guarantees an easy communication to identify heart attacks (MI) at the earliest. It provides your attending physician with an instant opinion from five cardiologists and takes you to a safer side with pre hospital stabilization if required. iMMi life has a team of specialists in health care sector who are deeply committed to the goal of saving life and democratizing heart health care.

iMMi life’s service is multi beneficiary and trustworthy in many perspectives. Every single second demands a quick action and thereby we save a breath, a life and in turn a family…. With iMMi life , Hospitals can accurately and quickly diagnose- heart attacks and get expert opinion for early pre hospital stabilization.

Patient goes to
iMMi Centre
iMMi Centre uploads ECG
Cardiologists Reads ECG
Immediate first aid

iMMi is an efficient Ecosystem.

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