Our Story

our story

Heart disease shares a major part of the global burden of lifestyle-related diseases. Earlier, non-modifiable factors like age, gender, family history were mainly responsible for heart disease. But over the past few decades, heart disease seems to have surpassed all the boundaries and now controllable risk factors like diet, physical inactivity and stress largely determine the risk of heart disease. Earlier detection and diagnosis makes heart disease easier to treat and that’s where iMMi Life turns out to be remarkable.

iMMi Life facilitates an easy communication through a well acquainted channel that enables a quick and reliable detection in terms of chest pain or potential heart attack (MI) symptoms. iMMi Life uses simple, proven technology to deliver a high-impact heart health advisory and emergency assistance to those facing imminent heart problems at affordable rates. The prime objective of our founder Mr. Manick Rajendran is to throw light on heart attack awareness as to why it’s crucial to get immediate medical attention. Serving as CEO of two hospitals, our Founder and CEO Manick Rajendran was able to identify several gaps in the healthcare delivery, here in India. In spite of having resources of Cardiologists, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Operation Theatres and Cathlabs, hospitals were still losing patients as they entered the healthcare system or were leaving with sub-optimal outcomes, for no fault of the hospital systems.

Further analysis revealed that patients were arriving at an average of 300 minutes after onset of first symptom. Field testing various aspects of the current model, we now have a practical way of shortening the "symptom-to-door" metric to bring in the patient during the Golden Hour to let the healthcare system perform its magic and establish good clinical outcomes.

The model is continually made perfect with the help of our Advisory Board of Specialists who have been with us right from the beginning.

our culture

iMMi Life is a team of professionals with deep domain knowledge in the healthcare services sector, fully committed to provide emergency assistance to cardiac problems at affordable price points. We strive to deliver a transparent, collaborative, exceptional experience in providing emergency assistance to help solve imminent heart problems. Every patient who walks into iMMi Centre will be taken care by our industry best practices with passion to leave a positive impression and exceptional service quality.

our Guiding Tenets

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    We will gain the trust of the common man
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    Our primary focus will be the patient's wellbeing, at all costs
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    We will never accept our staff behaving in anything less than an empathetic way to a patient
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    Healthcare experts will be made to feel worthy and wholesome in their involvement with us.
    Healthcare staff including specialist doctors and general practitioners will get the necessary recognition and remuneration from us.
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    We will always be mindful of being part of a very socially impactful initiative in the country
    We will strive for perfection in terms of time and appropriate use of information to get the best help for the patient.
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    We will react to calls immediately and set our own benchmarks to save lives without showing any hype
    We will adhere to ethical and strict credentialing of our cardiologists.
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    The quality of the iMMi Centre, network of partners, employees and the technology backed by our platform will be the hallmarks of a brand
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    Integrity in our reporting will be one of the prime goals of our services.


Unitus Seed Fund, India’s leading venture seed fund supporting startups innovating for the masses, announced that the first company to participate in its StartHealth Investment Program is iMMi Life.

iMMi Life offers doctors access to on-demand opinions of multiple credentialed cardiologists for ECGs, thereby increasing the capability of the doctor to recommend next steps for patients who may have experienced a heart attack. iMMi Life will implement an extended pilot utilizing 50 lacs ($80k) of non-dilutive capital and support from StartHealth partners Unitus Seed Fund, PATH, Manipal Hospitals, Narayana Health, & Pfizer. Additionally, iMMi Life will receive a seed investment from Unitus Seed Fund conditioned on the success of the pilot.


A team’s ability to never give up, to continue on an often challenging path, and to keep pushing on, even when the odds were stacked against them, paid off with an invention that has the potential to help people live better and longer.

Team iMMi is morally responsible and socially committed towards the very requirements of the public to save lives in all possible ways. Team iMMi had played an important role when incessant rains and floods in Chennai have thrown the life of people to a nightmare. During the hour of crisis, team iMMi was toiling day and night for rescue and relief operations. The free ECG camps and medical camps iMMi has conducted projects the non-profit motive of iMMi Life. iMMi Life turns out to be unique as it is first of its kind and works for a social cause. It spreads out a vital awareness that insists on the necessary aspect of getting the heart problems detected as early as possible. A small reluctance from a patient’s side can a huge loss for the family. iMMi Life focuses on this aspect where you need not be cost conscious nor you have to wait for the specialist’s advice.