Symptoms of a heart attack may be immediate and intense. Timeline for the persistence of symptoms before a heart attack may vary from
person to person.

Heart attack symptoms, an elaboration12-23

Although chest pain or discomfort is a commonly established symptom of heart attack, some people may not experience chest pain at all, while others may experience only mild chest pain or discomfort

Occurrence of symptom(s) in isolation or in combination also sees inter-individual variations. Not everyone having a heart attack has typical symptoms.

If a person has already had a heart attack, his symptoms may not be the same for another one. However, some people may have a pattern of symptoms that recur.

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Most Common Symptoms

Chest pain or discomfort

Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the centre or left side of the chest.

The discomfort usually lasts for more than a few minutes or goes away and comes back.

It can feel like pressure, squeezing, fullness, or pain. There may be a feeling of heaviness, tightness or a crushing sensation in the centre of the chest which may make you feel generally unwell.

It also can feel like heartburn or indigestion. The feeling can be mild or severe.

Upper body discomfort-

You may feel pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, shoulders, neck, jaw, or upper part of the stomach (above the belly button).

Jaw:You may feel an ache or tightness in and around the lower jaw on one or both sides. This pain/discomfort can spread from your chest to the jaw.

Neck: People who have had a heart attack describe a general discomfort/pain in their neck, or a choking or burning feeling in their throat. This discomfort may spread from your chest or shoulders to your neck.

Shoulder(s): People who have had a heart attack describe feeling a general ache, discomfort, heaviness or pressure which spreads from their chest to their shoulder(s).

Back: People who have had a heart attack describe feeling a dull ache in between their shoulder blades. This discomfort can spread from your chest to your back.

Arm(s): People who have had a heart attack describe a feeling of discomfort, pain, heaviness, numbness or tingling sensation in their arm(s). This discomfort may spread from your chest to your arm(s).

Shortness of breath

You may feel short of breath or have difficulty in breathing.

People who have had a heart attack describe finding it difficult to breathe or take a deep breath due to a tight or constricted feeling in their chest.

This may be your only symptom, or it may occur before or along with chest pain or discomfort.

It can occur when you are resting or doing a little bit of physical activity.

Other Common Signs and Symptoms

Breaking out in a cold sweat.

Feeling unusually tired for no reason, sometimes for days (especially for women)

Nausea (a feeling of sickness/uneasiness in stomach) and vomiting

Light-headedness or sudden dizziness

Any sudden, new symptoms or a change in the pattern of symptoms you already have (for example, if your symptoms become stronger or last longer than usual)