Track Your Heart Health

Health assessment- is it a must?

  • Heart is an organ that is pivotal to a body’s functioning, and, a healthy heart is considered to be a prerequisite for achieving overall good health. This is exactly the reason why even the basic health check or medical treatment includes assessment of vital organ (heart) function through measures like blood cholesterol, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood vessel inflammation and blood clotting/coagulation.
  • It is good that the awareness on good health sustenance and disease prevention is driving people to regular ‘Annual health check-ups’.
  • Annual health check-up has become a fairly routine practice, wherein thorough physical examinations, ECG and most importantly assessment of markers in blood, urine and stool people understand their risk for diseases.
  • Given a health disorder or disease, universal choice would be prevention over cure!
  • When we talk about prevention, it is certain that identification (or in medical terms diagnosis) of any health disorder is elemental for its prevention
  • Renowned health organisations set cut-offs for risk prediction and update the same periodically based on extensive research.
  • Therefore it is necessary to know these globally accepted cut-offs for health parameters (such as body weight, BMI, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammatory markers to name a few), with which individual values can be compared to predict the risk.
  • A systematic health assessment approach would follow an ‘ABCD’ pattern, that is., Anthropometry (height, weight, BMI and other physical determinants), biochemical parameters (biological markers, for instance blood, urine, sputum), Clinical presentations (Blood Pressure, body temperature, consciousness) and finally Dietary considerations (Meal pattern, frequency of consumption of different foods, food allergies to name a few).

Health parameters- globally accepted cut-offs for risk prediction90-107

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Monitor your health parameters periodically! Here is a schedule

Regular heart health assessment is one of the best and surest ways to ensure a healthy heart. Given here is a list of recommended health assessments you need to take up to make sure you are well protected from any heart health disturbance. Their regularity is based on your risk profile.

  • As suggested by the American Heart Association
  • Dr.Ramakanta Panda, Asian Heart Institute insists on the importance of regular health assessments for better heart health (